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Digital Membership

Begining in 2022 we are delighted to introduce a new way to interact with The Stickmakers Guild.

A digital format for convenience, you will be able to access The Stickmaker magazine on any internet-enabled device that has a web browser, anywhere that you wish that has wifi.

Benefits of going digital…

  • No Postal Charges
  • Always perfect, no creased pages!
  • No Wasted Paper
  • A Greener Option (The servers are powered by wind power)

If you’re not sure if digital is the way for you, please consider signing up for the FREE option, you’ll be able to try out a magazine from April 2020 and see the upgraded event calendar which has undergone a substantial change and is now far more informative, showing route planning, as well as details on virus safety measures (masks, social distancing etc).

To sign up, please follow this link: (Register)