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GDPR – Information for Members


EU General Data Protection Regulations

Information for Members

Members will probably have received correspondence about this matter. As a non-commercial organization, the Guild like other similar entities has an obligation and a responsibility to comply with this legislation which became effective on the 25th of May 2018. The Guild would advise and inform members of the following:
  1. The Guild holds personal data about members as submitted on the application form, or subsequently amended by notification from the member, this being: Name, Address, and Telephone Number & Membership Number. In some instances members email where this has been provided. In addition, the Guild holds records on a member’s current year membership fee payment. The Guild does not hold any other data about members.
  2. This personal data is stored electronically on an external hard drive which is an encrypted and password protected system that is not connected to any communication system.
  3. This information (Data) is controlled by the Guilds DPP. (Data Protection Policy) It will be used by the Guild to communicate with members. The data will be provided to and used by the printer of the Guild’s Stickmaker Magazine which is issued by post. It will not be used for any other purpose.
  4. Whilst this legislation relates to UK and EU citizens the Guild will also apply this protection policy to all Guild members who reside outside the UK/ EU.
  5. In order to comply with this legislation, the Guild requires every member to formally confirm their express permission for the Guild to use their personal data for the purpose, and only for the purpose described in point 3 above. If not already done permission can be confirmed on the annual membership renewal form.
  6. If any member wishes to have their personal data removed from the Guild membership records and database they can request this at any time by writing to or e-mailing the Membership Secretary. Upon receipt, the member’s personal data will be removed from the membership records immediately, and membership of the Guild would naturally cease.
The Guild Committee would like to thank members for their understanding of this important matter.